Vail Daily letter: Get back to root issues |

Vail Daily letter: Get back to root issues

Clay Walberg
Vail, CO Colorado

I love how the Hidden Gems proposal is becoming all about the economics. Forget the basic idea of saving these beautiful public places for many generations to enjoy in peace, quiet and the original pristine state.

I am pretty sure that the off-road-vehicle industry in Colorado is not going to be brought to its knees with thousands of jobs and millions of dollars lost with the passage of this legislation. I also don’t believe that the hiking, horseback and rafting companies are currently losing money or jobs without the wilderness distinction, nor will they reap further economic benefits with the passage.

Can we please get back to the base root issues and possibly come to a compromise that both groups are happy with as to not pollute the political arena for any future wilderness proposals? This is a special entity (wilderness areas) we (the United States) have created and is what also sets us apart from other areas of the world that have suffered greatly from overuse of their lands.

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