Vail Daily letter: Get Boulder out of our politics |

Vail Daily letter: Get Boulder out of our politics

Jason Wade Osborne
Minturn, CO Colorado

Regarding Arthur Lewis’ letter in the Vail Daily in support of Hidden Gems, have you considered that backcountry snowmobiling and four-wheeling bring jobs to Eagle and Summit counties? The people that use these trails are careful not to damage the environment because to do so would be self-defeating. There is nothing wrong with taking a sled or a Jeep on established trails, and Hidden Gems seeks to take that away from us.

What right do a group of few have to tell the rest of the public what they can or can’t do with public lands? As long as they are left in the condition they were found in, they don’t have a right.

One of the bigger problems is our “representation” in Congress. Why is part of the Western Slope “represented” by someone from Boulder? These are two completely different areas of the state in terms of politics, economics and land use. “Representative”

Polis and his kind on the Front Range have no business telling the Western Slope what we can and can’t do with public lands in our areas. However, Jared Polis isn’t interested in “representing” a district. His stated aim was to take over a state’s representation for his own personal benefits and reasons. Don’t believe me? Read “The Blueprint,” which outlines exactly how he did it. Polis isn’t interested in having our voices heard in Washington, he is simply there to further his own interests and beliefs. That may work for Boulder, but not for us. Colorado needs to redraw our districts and get Boulder out of our politics.