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Vail Daily letter: Get government out

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After reading the letter by Mr. Le Vine, I felt compelled to respond to some of his inane statements. He starts off with the notion that only the extreme conservatives are concerned about the agenda of the current administration. That is not the case. Many involved in the Tea Party movement actually voted for Mr. Obama. The change he is instituting is not the change they were hoping for.

As for Mr. Obama’s birthplace, that is not an essential item. But whether or not he is truly a natural born citizen according the Constitution is. Even if he was born in Hawaii, it has been documented that his mother married an Indonesian and lived there for awhile. I have even heard him reference that in some of his speeches.

The time during which they lived there would have required his mother to make him a citizen of Indonesia so he could go to school there. The fact that he has consistently blocked all efforts to show his school records and other important data certainly casts a lot of doubt on his integrity about his citizenship. There are numerous other issues that could be addressed in a full-blown column, but let me suffice it to say that his accusation that such talk is nonsense shows how little he knows of the one he apparently adores.

Finally, people are already showing they feel betrayed by the way they are voting. Scott Brown in Massachusetts is an excellent example. Even in this, however, Mr. Levine shows his lack of knowledge. All you have to do is dig deeper than the newspapers to see that voter fraud took place. But of course, since it resulted in the election of those the newspapers supported, they won’t report on it.

His advice at the end is well-stated, but the interpretation of the last phrase is where we’ll differ. The adage that “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime” is still true.

Rather than continuing to vote for government handouts that drain those who are working to the point they no longer have the ability to help their fellow man, we need to vote for those who understand the vision of our Founding Fathers who wanted everyone to learn to fish so they could take care of themselves.

To this end, we don’t need any more stimulus packages. We need tax breaks so businesses will want to hire people. We don’t need government-run health care or any other government-run program. People need to be free to choose for themselves what they need and want.

Leona Hemmerich

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