Vail Daily letter: Gilman for Holy Cross board |

Vail Daily letter: Gilman for Holy Cross board

Chris Romer
Vail, CO, Colorado

Who knew? We have an election in May. Although electricity co-op elections are not the first thing on everyone’s mind, I would like to encourage you to vote in the upcoming Holy Cross Energy board elections and, in particular, to vote for Megan Gilman.

It is imperative that the people representing the community on the Holy Cross board have a good understanding of the impacts of their decisions on the thousands of Holy Cross members who must pay their bills every month. There are only seven people on Holy Cross’s board, and it is our job as citizens to ensure we have the best representatives. You’ll be receiving your ballot soon — resist the urge to recycle it with the rest of your trash and instead take the few minutes to vote.

My firsthand knowledge of Megan’s leadership and energy-related expertise make me sure that she would be the best choice for the board at Holy Cross. Megan and I serve together on the Board of Directors for the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, of which she is the chair. Megan is able to both listen to the ideas of others and provide strong leadership, when needed. Megan is a reliable, but reasonable advocate for energy efficiency and renewable energy and has a significant amount of technical expertise to share.

More importantly, as a small-business owner, she understands the challenges of making tough decisions and working within (and creating) a budget, especially during times when everyone is feeling the crunch. As a professional in the energy field, she understands how each of us use energy every day in our homes and businesses and how important it is to have a well-informed vision for the future. As a Board Member, she understands how important it is to build consensus, listen to others and effectively plan for the future. Without a doubt, Megan will be a strong advocate for those she will represent.

I look forward to voting for Megan when my mail-in ballot comes and I hope you will do the same.

Chris Romer