Vail Daily letter: Give life a chance |

Vail Daily letter: Give life a chance

Theresa Smith
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to David LeVine’s letter regarding his favor to uphold the decision of Roe vs Wade due to his opinion that “data” tells us an unwanted child most likely will grow up uneducated … and possibly wind up in jail.

I know of some wealthy families who loved their child, provided a good education and the kid still grew up and spent time in jail.

It should be worthily noted that adoption is an outstanding alternative to Abortion. When the act of reproducing a human life turns out to be an “accident or mistake” or even the result of crime, the human life should still have a chance to live and be loved. Since the 1973 court decision, over 40 millions lives have been victims of the Abortion Holocaust.

How many of these victims, if given the chance to challenge life outside the womb, could have been your best friends, your spouse, your teachers, inventors, scientist, even the president of the USA?

One other important consequence that should be considered by women choosing abortion for a quick remedy to their unwanted circumstance is the long-term effect. Fact is, more and more women are seeking counseling due to depression and resentment from having abortion(s).

In summary, some of my good friends were adopted and have made outstanding contributions to society. I am grateful that their mothers who were faced with an unwanted pregnancy showed the courage and unselfishness to give life a chance.

Theresa Smith

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