Vail Daily letter: Give the undocumented a chance to go to college |

Vail Daily letter: Give the undocumented a chance to go to college

Mike Santambrogio
Vail, CO, Colorado

Colorado ASSET needs our support. How do we really change the status of our economy? If people don’t start to support education, really support education, the future of our economy will never be able to compete with other countries.

Educating our children, all of our children, is the only way to create a sustainable and profitable economy. There are thousands of dedicated, intelligent, and worthy students who are working extremely hard every day even though they know that our government has set them up to fail.

Our undocumented students, those who have found themselves here due to their parents wanting a better life for them, are faced with hurdle after hurdle, especially when it comes to being a contributing member of our community.

Personally, I know many of these students who work 10 times harder than many of their peers, yet when it boils down to it, their efforts will fall flat and they will be left behind. Why? Because they had no choice in being brought here.

Currently there is a bill in Colorado, Senate Bill 12-015, that would work to change the future for these deserving children.

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By creating a three-tiered tuition platform, undocumented students would get the change to attend Colorado colleges and universities by paying a standard rate tuition. This would not be as costly as out-of-state tuition, yet more than a documented in-state student would pay. They would not qualify for any state-funded programs such as the College Opportunity Fund.

This bill would not cost taxpayers one cent. In fact, in passing this bill, we would see an increase in funds to higher education institutions, which is much needed these days.

I simply don’t understand how anyone could be in opposition to this bill. A no-cost-to-taxpayers program that will bring much-needed money to colleges and universities and will educate our future workforce to help bring our economy back?

Sounds like a win-win to me. Please research this bill and urge our legislators support this monumental effort to help educate these men and women so that they can continue to shine and be given the same opportunities that they so deserve.

Mike Santambrogio


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