Vail Daily letter: Global warming stories are just hot air |

Vail Daily letter: Global warming stories are just hot air

James Runavich
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am thrilled to see that the Vail Daily has added a science fiction section to the paper in some issues. The report on global warming in last Friday’s paper (“Study shows global warming will bring more heat waves”) was a classic of the genre!

It fascinates me to read about a fantasized future in which temperatures and heat have accelerated to the point that all of man kind is affected in wild, made-up scenarios.

Just when the rest of the country has caught on to the to hysteria and agenda of future global destruction via climate change, the Daily is still championing “news” stories by a government that desperately wants to control you and your money by fear.

Weathermen can’t accurately predict the weather next week consistently, let alone 20 or 30 years in the future. Nobody knows the future patterns of volcanoes, jet streams, el ninos, the sun, etc. (Hmmm, warming, sun, warming, sun, hmmm).

Carbon dioxide is plant food, not a toxin. Predicting the future is not science: It cannot be observed, or tested, and although based on research, it is all speculation and prediction with innumerable factors that scientists cannot even come close to predicting.

Just try to get funding from the government as a scientist if you deny global warming. Fat chance. It simply doesn’t fit into their scare and control agenda.

So call it what it is — science fiction with an agenda, namely more government control of your life and of your money. Americans have woken up to this charade and laugh at “news” stories like this.

James Runavich


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