Vail Daily letter: Go after employers to stop illegal immigration |

Vail Daily letter: Go after employers to stop illegal immigration

Kirk Aker
Vail, CO, Colorado

I found a letter to the editor in last Monday’s paper to be so telling of a skewed understanding of the issues.

The issue, of course, is illegal immigrants taking jobs away from hardworking Americans. The letter espouses all the ills the illegal immigrants inflict on our communities. From taking away jobs, although I don’t know of many hardworking Americans that will work for $2 or $3 an hour, to taking our Medicare benefits, to not paying any taxes. And to a certain degree, I agree with him.

The answer, however, to his pondering is right there in front of him. If our employers wouldn’t hire illegal immigrants, there would be no need for them to be here. They would migrate to where they could get work to support their families.

It’s just like our drug smuggling issues: If we weren’t a nation of users, there wouldn’t be a market for illegal drugs and all the crime that ensues.

Perhaps the gentleman should focus on stopping the illegal hiring. Why not send in the National Guard, the FBI, the INS and local law enforcement to arrest all the employers that employee illegal immigrants?

If the companies that hire illegally can’t survive the round-up of their executives, then let them fail. If the companies that hire illegally can’t survive without unfair labor practices, then let them fail.

If you, the American consumer, don’t like the higher prices created by paying a fair wage to laborers, then keep your wallet in your pocket.

I tell you, it would be easier to round up a few company owners and executives than trying to round up 11 million illegal immigrants.

The idea here would be to ensure that employers hire legal residents to work their jobs at a fair wage. thus helping out the hardworking American. It’s not about bashing America. It’s about Americans being honest with ourselves and following the law. What is so hard to understand about that?

Kirk Aker


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