Vail Daily letter: Going batty |

Vail Daily letter: Going batty

Jones Face
Vail, CO, Colorado

So let’s say you have an urgent problem with a bear in the valley. Chances are that the Division of Wildlife will respond in a timely manner.

But let’s say you have another problem, say a bat, yes you heard me correctly. A bat has taken up residence on my neighbor’s front door for the last four days as I write.

Question is, who responds to that? Well, apparently no one. My first phone call: to Char Newman, of course. She gave me direction, phone numbers, names of people to call.

She told me the bat is wild so DOW should be contacted first. Char, you should run for governor!

Hold onto your socks, this is where the fun begins, after 10 phone calls over the last two days between the DOW and Eagle County Animal Services, this is what I have been told: DOW could not respond because the bat is out of their jurisdiction (Avon) and because the possibility of rabies, Eagle County Animal Services would need to pick up the bat.

Eagle County Animal Services told me unless someone had been bitten or exposed, they were not coming to remove the bat. For two days this has continued.

Did I mention construction workers are using this same screen door? Don’t get me wrong, I support the DOW and Travis has been wonderful. I realize a bat is not to be compared to a bear and the bears are everywhere.

Eagle County Animal Services on the other hand …. Again, I was told “A bat is part of the wild unless people have been exposed to the bat, they would not come.”

Helloooo, did you guys not hear me when I said the bat was stuck on a screen door and without going into detail, looks sick?

Bet if this was in the county and not at one of Avon’s most desirable properties, I would get some action from Eagle County Animal Services or would I?

I will say this: When I call Char, I get answers, actions. When I call Eagle County Animal Services the problem gets passed around.

Jones Face


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