Vail Daily letter: Golden opportunity |

Vail Daily letter: Golden opportunity

Pamela Crine
Eagle, CO Colorado

I saw in today’s Vail Daily (Oct. 11) a letter titled “No, (again) to ERS.” I’m reminded of that old song, “Seems to me I’ve heard this song before.” The writer has been opposing Eagle River Station now for over four years and has the same old consistent, mostly misleading, story about the project and the developers. I personally heard her at an ERS-sponsored focus group. She constantly misquotes what came out of the focus groups, always, of course, supporting her negative views. The writer doesn’t even live in Eagle but has appointed herself as an authority on shopping centers and as spokeswoman for the community. Such gall!

Eagle River Station deserves support by the residents and the appointed and elected officials of the town. Eagle needs jobs and revenue and a development like ERS that will get people into the community and help revitalize the town. This shopping center, designed by one of the leading developers of such centers in the United States, is a golden opportunity that we should take advantage of. I ask that the Planning and Zoning Commission and the trustees approve this project. Let’s not let this one slip away to neighboring communities.

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