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Vail Daily letter: Golden rule answer

In response to the author of “Proof there’s no God” I would like to express a couple of my thoughts on the evidence he proposed.

I agree that the list he provides as evidence includes some of the most devastating and tragic events to have occurred in the modern era. I am sure there are many more that are not listed.

I also agree that God will not save us from ourselves.

We were given the choice to save ourselves from the very beginning. At that time we were given, as a gift, freedom of choice.

You can have anything you want with the exception of one thing. And what did man want? You guessed it. We have been making bad decisions since.

These decisions have contributed to many of the catastrophes on the authors list of evidence.

Having faith in ourselves as a species would be a profound mistake, in my opinion, as our species is responsible for most everything on the list.

Bad decisions. Perhaps the curse of freedom of choice. Citing everything that is wrong in our world in a list does not work. That does not provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that God does not exist.

There are things on the list that are not mans’ doing. Disease and natural disasters take their toll. Disease, maybe a call to our own mortality. Natural disaster. Could it be that there are powers out there that are more powerful than ourselves and we will never control?

God’s domain? I don’t have the answers. No one does.

The one answer I do have for the self-induced tragedies on the list is this. It is mentioned in your letter. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I think it would be wise for all of us to follow this command to the letter. If we did the majority of the list could be wiped out.

It is an imperfect world we live in. Broken. Even so, we have many things to be thankful for.

I could put together a list of good things that are happening on our planet and offer that as evidence that God does exist, but I won’t. I am going to try my best to stick to God’s commandant that was mentioned earlier.

Jesus tells there is only one commandment that is greater.

Joe Schwan


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