Vail Daily letter: Gondola a bit … cushy |

Vail Daily letter: Gondola a bit … cushy

Zeke Pierce Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to Vail building a new gondola: I am an eighth-grade student. I am also in the big mountain skiing program for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. I think it is completely unnecessary to build an entirely new gondola. The vision of Vail that corporate Vail has is entirely different than any skier has. I feel it is completely unnecessary. We can use the Vista Bahn, and it works completely fine. Why are we spending the money to buy an exclusive gondola? We don’t even know how much fuel it uses or if it is efficient or not. Why do we need heated seats or built-in WiFi? Heated seats are just unnecessary, and most people don’t have use for WiFi while they are skiing.It seems to me that Vail Resorts could use the money for better purposes. The idea of a fancy gondola makes Vail seem more like a huge tourist attraction. Skiing should be viewed as an adventure sport in the wilderness, not a time where you get to ride super-fancy lifts and gondolas. Vail is trying to promote something that isn’t the true experience of skiing.Zeke Pierce Vail

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