Vail Daily letter: Good grieving |

Vail Daily letter: Good grieving

Claire Christensen
Vail, CO, Colorado

Is there such a thing as “good grief?” I believe that our community has something very close. I recently completed the Grief Recovery Outreach Program, run by Celynn McClarrinon, a certified grief recovery specialist.

The passage of time is not always enough when dealing with grief over a death or loss, and Celynn guided participants down a personal path toward recovery.

Losses were treated individually and each participant’s process was guided, rather than led, down a path of deeper understanding of grief. It was a safe environment that fostered trust and compassion without judgement.

Through this process, I discovered the cumulative effects of loss and its effects in other areas of my life. It was a personally enriching program, and I encourage those looking for help moving through the grieving process to sign up.

This 12-week program begins Jan. 11 at the Eagle Library, from 6 to 8 p.m., and costs $40. To reserve a spot, call Celynn at 970-376-8248.

Claire Christensen


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