Vail Daily letter: Goodbye Vail and Eagle Valley |

Vail Daily letter: Goodbye Vail and Eagle Valley

Steve Kelley
Vail, CO, Colorado

I came over the mountain from Breckenridge, where I built Main Street Station in 2002. Stops in this valley included Home Depot, The Corner at Edwards, Vail Bible Church, Beaver Creek Gatehouse, Glenwood Meadows Shopping Center, a little golf course project called Adam’s Rib Ranch, a new skier services building and ski club at Vail Mountain.

It has been a good run here, and I like to think that the projects I did in some way benefited the members of this community.

This week we were able to “short sell” the house we built and loved, so we could move on to find a place where growth was not a bad word.

There are a few things I would like to put in perspective as I settle my property tax bill, pull my name off the waiting lists of your restaurants, give up my seat on the chairlift, and even pull my boat off the Eagle River.

You people who want “no growth” realized that starting last year when I and several peers were laid off after 30 years in the construction industry.

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I have found a place where people raise their hand in greeting instead of their middle finger.

Recently, a mentor of mine put things in perspective for me as I wrestled with having to sell this house. “Pretty don’t pay the bills or feed the bulldog, as we say.”

Good luck with your ERS proposal and a special goodbye to _____, whose commentary does so much to benefit this community.

Steve Kelley


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