Vail Daily letter: Goose and gander with term ‘Nazi’ |

Vail Daily letter: Goose and gander with term ‘Nazi’

Deirdre Noble
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding Mr. Butch Mazzuca’s column on the use of the term Nazi: While I agree that the term is too liberally applied to describe actions that while extreme, do not rise to the level of facist or tyrannical, I am disappointed that he comes so late to this realization and levies his charge at one end of the political spectrum.

Surely he could not have missed that the far-right Tea Party movement used Nazi-inspired imagery to depict our president at their various rallies and events?

Or fail to notice the rhetoric employed by many far-right pundits to describe, among other things, the health-care reform bill?

Did I miss a column Mr. Mazzuca? Is this one of many times you have derided the use of this term? Or only the first? What could be the reason for this?

For this I borrow from your latest column:

“A. An abject ignorance of history.

B. A complete disregard of historical fact.

C. An ideological bias that’s beyond comprehension.

D. Intellectual indolence in the extreme.

E. All of the above.”

Deirdre Noble


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