Vail Daily letter: GOP ignorance |

Vail Daily letter: GOP ignorance

Gregory IwanLongmont, CO

A remark attributed to Eagle County’s GOP secretary (Oct. 13, page A8) has me shaking my head. Is such ignorance being expressed only for consumption, or do persons like this truly believe that government can or should be run like any S&P-500 corporation?To begin, a business has a good deal of control over which associations to maintain, and, more important, which markets to serve, absent discrimination. A loss-leading division can be spun off, restructured, or closed. Nearly every government effort cannot claim such flexibility within its geography. The public-service mandate under which nearly every portion of the public sector operates also prohibits discrimination, but there is an implicit covenant to provide constant, transparent, uniform service to all of the public, including persons who do not pay taxes in the jurisdiction of interest, even to persons who pay no tax at all.To be opposed to everything means one is in favor of nothing. Why do people run for office, if their intent is to eliminate government? Many of these same individuals rail about a “failed” stimulus, yet they imply that they would have been more than pleased to accept a check from Uncle Sam. The hue and cry usually center on hatred of government spending. If honesty prevailed, it would be clear that the ill will is aimed at stimulus that went somewhere other than a certain protester’s pocketbook.Are Republicans saying that services are for some people, and those who can’t pay are on the outs? What about those who won’t pay? It would be nice if this group would finally come clean and admit how they think. If their plans comprise complete elitism, the party should say so. If not, perhaps their leadership should be chosen from those who understand how an economy and a democracy work.

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