Vail Daily letter: GOP will help re-elect Obama |

Vail Daily letter: GOP will help re-elect Obama

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

In any national election, it is pretty much a fact that 35 percent of Americans will vote for Republicans and 35 percent will vote for Democrats, and so elections are won by appealing to the independent 30 percent.

Well, I believe that the extreme positions taken by Mr. Santorum regarding contraception (never) and abortion (not even in case of rape) will have a huge influence on that 30 percent. His positions that negate women’s rights are probably enough to re-elect Mr. Obama.

However, his position on that issue is not Mr. Santorum’s only blunder. Let’s consider the following:

1. He recently stated that education should be the responsibility of our counties with no direction or funding coming from either the federal government or any state government. Given the importance of education to the future of our nation, can you imagine removing the funding, totally fragmenting the responsibility and merely hoping that somehow every county does a great job?

2. In 1960, when John F. Kennedy was campaigning for the presidency, he felt the need to reassure potential voters that his Catholicism would not dominate his thinking. And so he clearly stated that he would always honor the distinction between his private religious convictions and public responsibility. Mr. Santorum is quoted as saying “that position caused great harm in America” and “it makes me want to throw up”! Mr. Santorum has also stated that “mainline Protestantism is in shambles – it is gone from the world of Christianity.”

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3. Mr. Santorum remains a firm believer in our right to use torture. He very recently criticized John McCain (who was a tortured prisoner in Vietnam) for his stance against torture. Mr. Santorum specifically said “he (Sen. McCain) doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works.”

4. Mr. Santorum totally rejects all scientific data regarding climate change. He refers to it as “junk science” and considers it to be a conspiracy concocted by liberals in order to control all of our lives.

5. In the 2006 election for the Senate seat from Pennsylvania, Mr. Santorum lost 59-41 percent. The 18 percentage point difference was the largest losing margin by an incumbent Republican senator in any state ever! The voters in Pennsylvania, normally a swing state, obviously had enough of him.

And so I say hurrah for Mr. Santorum and the GOP. By riding a horse named “No Contraceptives” until November, they will assure the re-election of President Obama. And so I sincerely hope that he is the nominee because he’ll keep them on that horse and he’ll keep them riding in the same direction! Giddy-up, Rick!

David Le Vine


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