Vail Daily letter: GOP’s old saw |

Vail Daily letter: GOP’s old saw

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

There was yet another letter in the Vail Daily today to warn us about the president leading the country in the wrong direction, and I would guess that it was largely inspired by our long and heated controversy regarding health care. I can only suggest that we recall some of our history, put this legislation in perspective, and get over it!

Back in the 1930s when we had a huge depression, President Roosevelt authorized the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Project Administration (WPA), which employed millions of the unemployed. They were given little more than food and housing, but they worked diligently and they greatly improved various elements of our infrastructure. Nonetheless, the Republicans shouted “socialism” and called for F.D.R.’s defeat in the election of 1936.

When he sponsored Social Security, and later on, when President Johnson supported legislation establishing Medicare and Medicaid, the Republicans again shouted “socialism” and predicted financial disaster.

In fact, there was no disaster and the legislation did help many of the very poor, the elderly and the physically handicapped to live out their lives with dignity.

Well, my belief is that before too long we will generally approve of the health-care bill just as we have the previous legislation that enhanced our society. Furthermore, I expect that Mr. Obama will retain the presidency in 2012.

Nevertheless, you can be certain that between now and then — and forever after — many Republicans will continue to issue dire warnings of socialism and to inform us that our country is going in the wrong direction.

But our nation is benevolent and it is strong. Whether you believe it or not, our representatives are generally doing what they believe is best for our country.

We will survive this recession and somehow, someday, we will work together in order to get our national budget under control. But that is another subject.

David Le Vine

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