Vail Daily letter: Got clobbered |

Vail Daily letter: Got clobbered

William F. Kiker
Vail, CO, Colorado

While I was skiing Wednesday, making what was my last run down Latigo, on the last part of the steep, before you go into Gold Dust, a snowboarder was coming straight down the mountain, right into me. I yelled at him just before he hit me. He must have been going 40 or more mph.

I remember a huge crash into me, but did not know anything after that until I came to. I have a concussion, hard to believe I did not have bad broken bones.

After I came to, I was wondering how bad I was hurt. My wrist was hurting real bad, thought it must have been broken, was able to pick up my left arm, it appeared OK, was able to move my fingers. In the crash, even my ski gloves had somehow come off. I have been having really bad headaches, but they are getting better now. I did make it home to Vegas.

They only had the one run open and some of the snowboarders were going fast between where the guard people were at.

The ski patrol men asked if I was hurt. I told them I didn’t know. No medic ever came to where I was.

I fully expected to have broken legs, along with other injuries. Hard to believe that I only had a concussion. Have you ever had a concussion? I still only remember being hit, and coming to on my back heading the opposite direction from where I was heading. I don’t remember falling and sliding down the mountain. All that is just a blank.

There’s no telling how bad I would be had it not been for my skiing helmet. So if you go skiing with not much snow and not many open runs, be really careful.

William F. Kiker

Henderson, Nev.

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