Vail Daily letter: Goulding for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Goulding for Avon council

Guy Patterson
Avon Planning and Zoning commissioner, owner of Avon Laundromat

As a citizen and business owner in this community, I would like to ask my friends and neighbors here in Avon in joining me in supporting the candidacy of Todd Goulding for Avon Town Council. Mr. Goulding is currently the chair of the Avon Planning and Zoning Commission of which I’m the newest member. I have found Mr. Goulding to be exceptionally fair and even-handed in the discharge of his duties.

I am not supporting Mr. Goulding because I agree with him on every issue. In my time on the Planning and Zoning Commission we have had respectful disagreements. Instead I’m supporting him, and urging the voters of Avon to do the same, because I have been impressed by his chairmanship. He has proven himself exceptionally adept at the very important skill of listening to others. He has shown a talent in his position as chair of allowing all involved to speak their peace. He is eloquent and open in his reasoning. Regardless of where he ends up on a vote, he respects the process.

We, as voters, need to make sure that we put people on this council who will listen to us, and just as importantly, listen to each other. We should demand representatives who will make informed, well-reasoned decisions that benefit the majority of citizens. I am confident Mr. Goulding will be this type of elected official.

Avon is at a crossroads. We are coming out of an economic downturn and our priorities are changing. We, now more than ever, need council members who will be thoughtful, articulate, open and honest. With Mr. Goulding, this is what we will get.

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