Vail Daily letter: Grateful for stop sign in Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Grateful for stop sign in Eagle-Vail

Dennis Foley
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would like to thank the Eagle-Vail Property owners for finally making the corners of Stonecreek Drive and Deer Boulevard a four-way stop!

It has slowed all the people who have to make it to the light on Highway 6 stop speeding while talking on their cell phones in a hurry and could actually do harm to other people in the process.

Now that school is starting soon, it might keep our kids safe and make people think about their speed in residential areas. Granted, at night a lot of people still just gun through the signs, but it is working.

I hope we try to keep everyone safe in our community. Especially all our kids, joggers and parents pushing their strollers or just anyone trying to enjoy a walk.

Now if we could only work on the other end of Stonecreek. Way to go, Eagle- Vail! Thanks again.

Dennis Foley

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