Vail Daily letter: Great fire service |

Vail Daily letter: Great fire service

Christopher Carpenter
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would like to thank the members of the Vail Fire Department for their actions and service this past weekend.

With the current environment — fires throughout the state, the stage II fire restrictions — many are understandably on edge with regard to fire.

Our condo complex’s hard-wired alarm system experienced a failure this past weekend. On Saturday, due to a faulty unit or some bad wiring, our monitoring service received an alarm signal, and the Vail Fire Department was dispatched. All of the members of the department were professional, kind and helpful- despite being called in on a false alarm. They made sure all was well, calmed residents, and helped with an action plan to move forward.

We contacted our monitoring service and informed them of a problem. They told us that a service tech would be out on Monday, and that we would have no issues until then.

That claim was inaccurate, as our complex alarm went off roughly 24 hours later. While the monitoring service did not notify the fire department, a resident phoned 9-1-1, and once again the fire department was dispatched.

Again, the service provided by our city’s bravest was exemplary. I am sorry that we caused work for the department, but ultimately everyone was happy that there was no fire.

From all of us at the condo complex, as well as all of our residents and guests in Vail: Thank you, Vail Fire Department, for all you do. We can all be proud of having a great fire department.

Christopher Carpenter


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