Vail Daily letter: Great forum of ideas |

Vail Daily letter: Great forum of ideas

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

This brief letter is written to thank the Vail Daily for contributing so much to my personal knowledge and pleasure. But more importantly, I thank you for helping to solidify us as one community. And we really are one community. Success and prosperity will not come to just some of us.

More specifically, I thoroughly enjoy the columns authored by Rev. Jack Van Ens and Rohm Robbins. Whether or not I agree, or even totally understand, Richard Carnes, I’m an avid reader and usually, a believer.

Biographies such as the current story of Magda Herzberger as written by Randy Wyrick is journalism at its very best. And there have been so many other great articles!

But most importantly, your newspaper serves to keep us all well informed as it continues to play a vital role in the creation of a bright future for the residents and businesses throughout our valley. Unity and purpose are essential — and the Vail Daily is an important catalyst in the achievement of those goals. In my opinion, you’re doing just fine!

David Le Vine

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