Vail Daily letter: Great help on Vail Mountain |

Vail Daily letter: Great help on Vail Mountain

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

I would like to commend a fantastic staff member of Vail Mountain.

While up on the beginner’s slope on top of Eagle’s Nest, my good friend from the Gold Coast in Australia was having a very hard time snowboarding. One of the Mountain employees, Tony, noticed my friend’s difficulty and stopped to help. Not only did Tony explain that the bindings were improperly attached by the rental company, he brought my friend over to the work bench and properly fitted and adjusted the setup.

This completely changed my friend’s opinion of snowboarding. He was really about to give up on the whole experience.

After Tony’s help, he was like a new man. I can’t believe how eager he is to attack the mountain tomorrow.

We didn’t get Tony’s last name or any other information, but maybe he will read his accolades in the Vail Dai-ly and know he’s appreciated.

I hope this season’s mountain employees are half as helpful as Tony; this will be the greatest season ever.

Aaron Clark Eagle

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