Vail Daily letter: Great message |

Vail Daily letter: Great message

Rachael Messerich
Gypsum, CO Colorado

I am a reading and language arts teacher at Gypsum Creek Middle School. My class is a combination class of ESL seventh- and eighth-graders. I am often amazed at how rapidly some students acquire a second language. I have a student that I would like boast and also share one of her pieces. First, I must mention a little of her background. She came to our school from a Spanish-speaking country at the beginning of December 2008. This was the middle of her sixth-grade year. She is now in eighth grade. She has been with us for a little over two years. She pours her soul into most of her writing.

I wanted to share her acrostic poem with the Vail Daily since her topic hits home especially around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the topic of bullying. Here it is just the way she wrote it:

Classrooms are full with people with confidence.

Offensive people make other people lose their confidence.

Nobody should ever be offended or “bullied.”

Furious is the way I feel when

I lose my confidence because of someone else.

Desperation and nerves go on when someone is not confident.

Everybody should be able to speak in front of an audience.

No one has the right to hurt someone’s feelings.

Treasure is the confidence in our head and heart.

Written by Gisselle Rascon.

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