Vail Daily letter: Great open space project |

Vail Daily letter: Great open space project
Vail, CO Colorado

Dear Eagle County commissioners,

As residents of Homestead, we want to thank you for supporting the purchase and protection of the Scudder Webster parcel that has provided us a beautiful – albeit tentative – respite from the busy town of Edwards.

Those of us who have lived here a while have been very concerned as to the future of this beautiful open space.

We hike, bike and snowshoe, what is widely known around here as “the loop” all year round. It has been our distinct pleasure to just enjoy the view, as well. The thought of it being developed has concerned us greatly through the years.

But now, your vision, coupled with an incredibly affordable opportunity, allows it to remain open and publicly accessible for all time. What an amazing gift! Please know that we entirely support the preservation of this beautiful property and look forward to sharing it with all the residents of Eagle County.

This project exemplifies exactly why we supported paying a portion of our property tax bills to acquire and protect open space. We are completely supportive, and commend your vision to include this, and other open space buffers between communities in Eagle County. Such planning is critical to our quality of life, and enhances the experience of all who live and play in Edwards.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marka Moser, Tom and Kim Davies, Nancy and Jeff Hanson, Ben Gaieski, Beth Runyon, Nancy and John Cole, Karen Gallagher, Carol Johnson, Lynn Emmert, Dale L. Nelson Jr., Mindy Brill, Will and Michelle Darken, Tony Mauro, Jeanette Brown, Sharon Meyer, Annie Goodman, Eric Baldwin, Larry and Sandi Agneberg, Michael and Lisa Connolley, Dorothy and John Cummins, Alan and Hazel Cope, Nina Dippy, Jackie and Ken Marchetti, John and Carol Krueger, Norman Bowles, Rod and Michelle Connolly, Chuck and Lori Wachendorfer, Rick and Dana Cook, Karen Shupe, Anne Evans, Ellen Eaton, Adam and Judy Leseur, Patricia Blood, Shelly and Chris Jarnot, Liza and Doug Alrick, Rebecca Levi-Cohen, Delfina Darquier and Ian Parham, Carri and John Tedstrom, Jay and Susi Livran, Jono and Michelle Ridler, Albrecht and Ilse Kopp, Laura Coyne, Patrick and Rebecca Bultemeier, Tommy and Debbie King, Eric and Kim Strauch, Tom and Dana Braun, Andi and MC Malboeuf, Mike and Joni Claymon, Deb and Rob Shay, Tom and Betty Newpower, Wendy Collins, New New Wallace, Mary and Glen Ellison, Sara Thurston, Rose Stratton, Steve and Joelle Hill, Alice Pankey, Heiko Hans Mues, Lori Hennessy, Jill Wilson, Kristen Tang, Vickae Meenach, Mike Marston, Rose Stratton, Dave Lach, Eric Meyer, Don McRee, Kristi and Asher Maslan, Carrie Mills Dill, Bethany Boston-Johnson, Mike and Jill Lange, Stephen and Brenda Beairsto, Meg and Tomas Sierant, Craig and Rosie Bruntz, Jim and Linda Harding and Dan and Jill Chalfant

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