Vail Daily letter: Great talk |

Vail Daily letter: Great talk

Tommy King
Vail, CO, Colorado

Carole Onderdonk spoke at Montana’s Cantina last Thursday night about how genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, affect our nation’s food supply.

I see GMOs as an anchor around the leg of our nation’s wellness. But it is a process that is used around the world, except where it has been declared by other nation’s citizens to be unacceptable and thus banned.

Science can be a great thing and has helped all areas in our life. GMOs are not one of these helpful things.

Having the freedom to buy what we want is helpful, so we should be informed so we can protect ourselves.

I want to thank the Freedom and Liberty in Eagle County group for sponsoring the meeting with support from Slow Foods, and Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability for putting together a very informative and insightful evening.

And speaking of the freedom of buying, the Freedom and Liberty in Eagle County group had a great speaker last month at the Route 6 Cafe talking about your dollars going further by bartering your business abilities among the community. This is a system that is successful in our neighboring Summit County and Ithaca, N.Y. You can go to to find out more, plus find out how to participate.

Tommy King


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