Vail Daily letter: Great visit back |

Vail Daily letter: Great visit back

Jeffrey A. Champagne
Portland, Maine

I had a great visit to the valley after eight years away over Labor Day.

Prostate cancer and a stroke that led to one heck of a brain injury have kept me away.

Good doctoring, neuro rehab, family and friends got me healthy enough to come out for a very short visit, but I was held up in Cow-town looking for a place to live. Found one on “Champa” Street just off the 16th Street Mall in between the Capitol and that place where the Rockies play.

I only got to see just a chunk of my old friends – did make some new ones – and plan on being back in time for my half birthday – aka


Weather was great. My ducks, Champ 1, 2, 3, etc., all lost again, but thanks, Joel. I Had a great seat.

In closing, thanks huge to Packy and crew, Sapphire, Nunya, B and Y, Pazzo’s, Champagne Powder, Russ at Argonaut for the Dom Perignon box, Vail Police Department, and I was going thank a certain airline, but the trip back was a cluster, and you know it! Gave me material for a new song and a column anyway.

Sorry anyone I missed. Oh, and the Vail Daily! See y’all – Champ.

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