Vail Daily letter: Great weekend of volleyball |

Vail Daily letter: Great weekend of volleyball

Jackie Rindy
Gypsum, CO Colorado

We are so lucky to live where we do. Last weekend, my daughter and other kids were able to participate in a free doubles volleyball clinic during the King of the Mountain tournament. This free clinic was hosted by one of the most respected volleyball coaches in the world, John Kessel, of USA Volleyball.

Our community is so blessed to have to events like the King of the Mountain. Events like this not only bring great action for viewing, but they also bring people who want to share their passion and knowledge with the younger kids just learning the sport, and they do it for free. John’s clinic was given on Friday and was so much fun, despite the rain, that my daughter and her friend decided to enter the tournament together.

On Saturday, playing in the 16s age group, my daughter (14) and her teammate (15) played some older kids, and they had as much fun as two kids are legally allowed to have. They had neither one ever played doubles before, but by the end of the first match, they were hooked. The fact that doubles volleyball gives kids more “touches” on the ball than the indoor game is indisputable, and that is why the indoor coaches want the kids to participate, but the amount of giggles, smiles, high fives and overall giddiness is never mentioned, and it should be, because having fun is just as important as improving your game. The girls did both last weekend.

Leon Fell and John Kessel, thank you for putting on another great event. As a local, I’ve participated in and watched the King of the Mountain for years, but as a parent, I’ve grown to appreciate it that much more. Well done! We’ll be back next year!

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