Vail Daily letter: Great work with big crash |

Vail Daily letter: Great work with big crash

Vickie Vertel
Vail, CO, Colorado

A quick letter of commendation for all of the emergency services staff during the fiery crash in Avon! Your services personnel were on their most professional behavior during a town crisis.

As I drove into Avon from Edwards on Highway 6 to go to a client’s home in Wildridge, I was not aware of the terrible wreckage and accident on I-70 and Avon Road.

I usually use Avon Road to go to Wildridge. After seeing there was no access that I knew of, there was a firefighter at the roundabout in Avon who politely assisted me as I asked if there was access to Wildridge. During the chaos of this event he calmly said yes, and gave me the directions.

It was this kind and courteous professionalism that our emergency services staff displayed to me that makes me so proud to be a part of this thriving community. Great job! Thank you.

Vickie Vertel