Vail Daily letter: Green case against ERS |

Vail Daily letter: Green case against ERS

Katherine Delanoy
Vail, CO, Colorado

Earth Day has come and gone, so we can forget for another year that we are seriously compromising the natural systems that support our lives.

It seems well accepted that burning fossil fuels is instrumental in causing climate change. (Those of you who trust your own intuition over 95 percent of the world’s atmospheric scientists should stop reading now.)

So what do we do? We go exploring for more oil and gas so we can mess up the atmosphere a little more. It seems that seriously concentrating on alternative fuels and conservation is too much trouble.

Closer to home, have you noticed that the more buildings there are in a town, the hotter and smellier it gets? And so, we plan a huge development with massive box stores and earth-covering, cemented spaces for over 3,000 fossil fuel-burning cars, right on agricultural land. Do you think our descendants will wonder about our sanity?

I would love to see a contest for ideas of what could be productive uses of that land. Next Earth Day will be too late. Actually, if we who love Eagle don’t vote May 22, it will be too late.

Katherine Delanoy


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