Vail Daily letter: Grooming essential for Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Grooming essential for Vail

Otto Wiest
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. Jarnot, thanks for your explanation about grooming on Vail Mountain in the Vail Daily last Sunday. We all will carefully watch how our ski mountain is kept in shape because perfect grooming is the reason why we come to Vail.

We understand your problems such as little snow and so on. However, we understand also that if Vail Resorts sells more lift tickets, Vail Resorts also has the duty to do more grooming because the slopes get worn out faster.

The mountain also needs more snowmaking, as it gets used harder. So it’s not only the pleasure to have sold a lot more epic passes, it is also the unpleasant question of how you plan to keep the high quality of Vail skiing that we all used to have.

You have seen that not everybody seems to be happy with your present grooming. May I ask, if Vail had fewer runs because of a bad winter, then why are fewer runs not groomed daily, especially those that are well used?

My son Peter just came back from Alta Badia, Italy. Over there, every run is groomed daily, and the prices for lift tickets are lower.

I can make you a very long list of ski resorts where daily grooming of all slopes is common. Compared to many ski resorts worldwide, Vail is not that big, and the perfect grooming for which Vail was well known for all of these years should not get worse just to reduce costs.

Thanks a lot for your promise to improve the quality and quantity of grooming.

We – the Vail skiers – will watch what happens carefully.

We praise the beautiful job that was done for many years by the groomers on Vail Mountain. But we will not stop criticizing if that doesn’t continue.

The question is not who has the better arguments. The question is simply how it looks up there on the mountain.

And believe me, all those Vail skiers know very well what is going on.

Otto Wiest

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