Vail Daily letter: Growth good for Edwards |

Vail Daily letter: Growth good for Edwards

Marie Salazar Jalbert
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was present at the presentation for the Eagle River Meadows project in Edwards in late June. I sat there and listened to the pros and cons as to develop or not to develop Tracts T, K and B in Edwards.

Let’s see, let me start off by letting you know that I am a native of Edwards. No, not 20 years, not 30 years or 40, but 56 years. You see, I was born at home here in Edwards and lived here until I was in my late 30s, right here in beautiful Edwards, Colo.

My father worked for the Koprinker family, taking care of its ranch both here and in Wolcott. I have seen the interstate put in as well as the gas station and restaurant that now is Wendy’s and Car Wash/Auto Shop. The Gashouse was my hangout place along with the post office and convenience store, which was a historical building.

That building was torn to the ground, and as I watched it happening, tears ran down my face. Shame on the people who had that done for nothing.

I have seen the houses go up at Singletree, Homestead, South Forty and Arrowhead and shopping centers such as Riverwalk, Village Center, Commercial Park and the Corner Building.

Now, do you think I liked all of you building on my stomping grounds? Absolutely not.

But growth is good. If it weren’t for the development in the Edwards core, I would not be able to hang out here. You see, when I go to the Colorado Capital Bank or Cafe Milano, memories of my childhood are filled in my head. I sometimes find myself laughing out loud and not realizing others are looking at me in a bit of a weird way.

In reference to Penny Lofaro’s comment about the deer hanging out on Tract T, if I recall before any homes were built on Homestead, that field was covered with wildlife. So tell me, Ms. Lofaro, who took their habitat away? Maybe the houses that are built in that area, including yours.

Mr. Boswell, you are right, there are a few day care centers in this area, but did you do your homework on the length of the waiting list? Several have a yearlong list.

What a wonderful thought to donate property to Habitat for Humanity. We could sure use the low-income housing here in Eagle County.

Now for Mr. Bobby Warner: You complained about the water-overflow system. Seems to me that you were the person who put it in place to begin with. Ouch, that must hurt. Mr. Warner, you did your developing. Now it’s time to let others develop. There’s room for growth in this valley, so let it happen. Let’s keep Edwards a community that we can be proud of!

Marie Salazar Jalbert

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