Vail Daily letter: Guaranteed? Not this time |

Vail Daily letter: Guaranteed? Not this time

Klaus Schwarzkopf
Vail, CO, Colorado

This is what I was told by an employee of a large local home supplier after the following occurred:

I had purchased wall-to-wall carpeting for my entire condo. It was promptly delivered and expertly installed. After only about a year (I live alone), I noticed matting of the carpet in all traffic areas.

I contacted the store, matting was acknowledged, but suddenly this became a matter of a manufacturer’s warranty. The retailer himself offered no satisfactory solution.

This store carries an extensive line of carpeting. Prominently displayed above the sample of the carpet I purchased was a sign stating: “Premium Quality, 15 Year Wear Warranty.”

Neither at the time of purchase, during installation and in any of the paperwork was there ever a mention of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Anyway, a claim was made to the manufacturer. Answer: “Credit declined, no manufacturing defect. All carpeting will develop texture changes over time.” After one year out of 15?

Surprise! I went to the retailer in question the other day. Both the carpet I bought and the sign proclaiming “15 year wear warranty” were no longer on display.

Would you say, then, that “nature of the beast” must mean not honoring the claims displayed at the point of sale, and in case of trouble, just leave the customer to fend for himself?

Klaus Schwarzkopf


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