Vail Daily letter: Gustafson blames wrong president |

Vail Daily letter: Gustafson blames wrong president

Joe Kirwan
Vail, CO, Colorado

Every time I read Mr. Gustafson’s columns I pat myself on the back for not voting for him!

Apparently, his memory of recent events is not remotely connected to reality, since every column is consumed by his paranoia over our sitting president and his purported policies.

Mr. Gustafson, President Bush and his treasury secretary, Hank Paulson, were the architects of the bank bailouts, and the takeover of AIG, not President Obama!

Do you have any ideas on reforming health care, economic policy recovery, or are you satisfied with offering your delusional hysteria?

Your party lost the election. Please get over it and offer some constructive ideas for the serious problems facing this country.

Joe Kirwan


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