Vail Daily letter: Had their chance |

Vail Daily letter: Had their chance

As I think back to what was going on this time last year in Eagle, I can’t help but remember the vigorous debate that was dividing our community concerning Eagle River Station.

Now 10 months later, I for one think it is time for us to start having that debate again.

The anti-ERS side offered as an alternative for the proposed development for us to come together as a community and find new and creative ways to breathe life back into Eagle and its businesses.

So far, the only thing I have seen brought to the table was the farmers market. While I think the farmers market is a good idea and hopefully it will become more successful as the years go by, it certainly isn’t solving any of our problems and there seemed to be very little support and turnout from the community for the event.

The reality of our current situation is that people are still struggling for work in Eagle. Commercial properties still remain unoccupied all over town. Local businesses are still shutting down. Houses are still going into foreclosure.

Real estate values still continue to crumble and we will be feeling the impact of that for years to come when the new property valuations come out and the tax revenue decreases accordingly.

Much like the Democrats in Congress, the anti-ERS side had their chance, and they have failed to produce any meaningful proposals to even slightly increase revenue and jobs for our community.

And much like the Democrats, I think the vote results would be quite different now than they were last January after seeing the lack of solutions provided by the anit-ERS side.

It’s time to try a new idea. I think we should approach RED and encourage them to bring another proposal to the table.

It is my hope that they would listen to feedback from the town and scale down this proposal and make some changes based on the town’s feedback, but our towns needs something right now and we’re not getting it.

Those voices that were so loud opposing Eagle River Station have now gone silent. Unless they are going to start speaking up again and delivering on what they promised 10 months ago, then we need to start strongly considering the only viable option out there that could bring jobs and tax revenue back to Eagle.

Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part that RED would even consider still trying to build a development here after January’s vote, but at least it is an idea that we could realistically pursue, which is far more than I have seen from the anti-ERS side.

Brandon Boseman


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