Vail Daily letter: Hard lesson |

Vail Daily letter: Hard lesson

Murray V. Heminger Jr.
Edwards, CO Colorado

My 7-year-old granddaughter was in Wal-Mart with her mother a few days ago. She had her little girls purse with her. Somewhere, she put her purse down and then forgot about it. After she and her mother got home, she complained to her mother that she couldn’t find her purse. They looked in the car and elsewhere, but couldn’t find it.

So, her mother went back to WalMart and checked in at the customer service desk to see if the purse had been turned in. Yep, it was there, but some low-down scumbag had gone through the purse and just plain stole the $20 that was in the purse! My granddaughter had, for several months, saved her nickles and dimes to get that $20. The scumbag that stole her money didn’t have the common horse sense to know that the purse was a little girls purse!

A hard lesson for any little girl. We have no way of knowing who turned in the purse – probably not the scumbag. I hope that this article will warn other little girls to guard their purses, and know that there are thieves, even in Wal-Mart. I hope that the one that stole this money will be eaten alive with the bad karma he or she created! Disgusted in Eagle County!


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