Vail Daily letter: Hate gas prices |

Vail Daily letter: Hate gas prices

Andrew Call
Vail, CO, Colorado

I learned yesterday that the national average for regular gasoline in the lower 48 was $2.69 per gallon. It was found to be most expensive in some of the larger metropolitan areas in the country as well as California and the Pacific Northwest.

San Francisco, in particular, had an average of $3.02 per gallon. Here in Colorado, we enjoy a relatively modest price of $2.75 a gallon, with Denver coming in at $2.62.

Now why would it be that here in the Happy Valley, we’re paying $3.13 a gallon?

Last I checked, we live along one of the busiest highway corridors in the nation, and if we travel a half hour in either direction on I-70, we can pay prices much nearer to that national average (in some places less).

I can only assume that we are being gouged due to the fact that we have become accustomed to paying astronomical prices for nearly everything we purchase here in the valley, regardless of whether it’s high season and incomes are capable of absorbing this unwarranted cost or not.

Andrew Call


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