Vail Daily letter: Having the time of my life now that skis are fixed |

Vail Daily letter: Having the time of my life now that skis are fixed

Joyce Pfaff
Vail CO, Colorado

I have been skiing for years and have finally met someone who not only cared about listening to my concerns, she knew what to do to help correct the problem.

I first visited the Women’s Ski Center in Lionshead a few days ago to see if anyone could help with the constant chattering of my skis. Right away Jeannie Thoren (owner and founder, along with her husband, Tom) was there to listen and help.

I went in to her shop on a day I was not skiing, so I had lots of time. While there, I listened to skier after skier come in and ask if she could help them with fitting their boots. Many of these women had been to several other ski shops with no satisfactory results.

Jeannie waved her magic wand and started to work with each customer using her bag of tricks (heel lifts, boot inserts, etc.). She did not give up until she had found a solution. Then she would send them out, tell them to “take a run and return if they needed further adjustments.”

Jeannie and Tom’s goal seems to be getting everyone to enjoy skiing without pain and suffering while becoming better skiers.

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My personal problem of chattering was the result of my not being able to bend far enough forward on my skis.

Jeannie determined the problem was two-fold. I needed heel lifts in my boots.

The second problem was that I was skiing on a man’s ski (which I have always skied on) and the bindings were mounted for a man (too far back).

Over the years, not one ski shop had ever bothered to tell me that (if they even knew the problem).

I have skied for two days since Jeannie and Tom worked on my equipment, and I am having the time of my life.

Three of my friends also went in and had boot adjustments and are very happy with the results.

Thanks to Jeanne and Tom, my skiing improved in days.

If any woman out there (young, old, rookie to advanced, experienced or newbie)is having problems with boot fit, chattering skis or whatever, visit the Women’s Ski Center in Lionshead and ask for Jeannie or Tom.

You won’t regret it.

Joyce Pfaff


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