Vail Daily letter: He should be impeached |

Vail Daily letter: He should be impeached

Annemarie Rudolf
Vail, CO, Colorado

Re: “Why the president should be impeached.” Yes, he should be impeached, and he should not have been elected in the first place.

Dick Gustafson’s column Aug. 31 is the best and most concise written aricle on Mr. Obama yet.

I hope that people that voted for this man will put their ideological believes on hold and read this with an open mind.

I would like it if Mr. Gustafson has any explanation as to why and on what basis 50-plus million people voted for a man with no experience of running even the smallest business.

I, as an accountant, could I run the Vail ski operation or do the job of an attorney, engineer or hairdresser without experience in these fields? I think not.

What were people thinking, or rather, not thinking? He cannot even talk without his teleprompters.

I think it is imperative that we inform ourselves about the background of a candidate and not take the lazy way out and believe the hot air the press is blowing without checking the real facts and background about a candidate.

There is a saying that the citizens of a country get the leader they deserve.

Annemarie Rudolf


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