Vail Daily letter: Headline turned me off to Polis |

Vail Daily letter: Headline turned me off to Polis

Joanne Harris
Vail, CO, Colorado

“County congressman urges executive order”

I was shocked to see such a blatant display of anti-constitutional, anti-founding exposure! I am not discussing or referring to the issue, I frankly don’t care, but the method, “Executive Order.”

We are supposed to be a representative republic. We choose representatives to decide issues, we vote on issues. Is this a dictatorship? Think of how many laws have been passed, how much money has been spent and how many czars have been hired without congressional approval.

Some of us don’t like the way Polis’ Obama assumes authority not granted “by the people.”

I oppose Polis more than ever after reading this headline. I want representative government. I want constitutional conservative, Stephen Bailey.

Joanne Harris


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