Vail Daily letter: Heads up! |

Vail Daily letter: Heads up!

John Hartley
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would laugh at the “man-up” line delivered by Sharron Angle, Sarah Palin, and other tea party women candidates if the pitiful challenge to masculinity weren’t such a distraction from debating the real challenges we face as a country.

How about “heads-up”? Heads-up invokes the notion of paying attention, something serious is about to happen. It asks us to be intellectually curious, to examine what’s in front of us, to do the analysis of proposed seismic shifts like privatization of social security.

On that topic, I ask Ken Buck, who will do the means testing you are proposing? Who will examine my IRS records or monitor an unusual income year for me, a senior citizen, when I sell my house in order to assure a safety net?

So many more questions for Mr. Buck. What is your stand on funding education?

How about immigration? This administration has deported more undocumented workers and prosecuted more employers of illegals than any administration. It has bolstered border security and tried to get Republican collaboration on an immigration plan. What more would you do?

So many questions for Mr. Buck.

Here’s another. Do we really want to repeal the Obama tax cuts? Yes, the Obama tax cuts — the ones that now appear in the paychecks of 95 percent of us ordinary people and that have been there for us for more than a year? Those tax cuts will expire soon if the Republicans in Congress continue to focus their strategy on tax cuts for the very wealthy.

Please demonstrate how the Bush tax cuts have created jobs in the past ten years. I don’t see the answer to that or much else on your website.

Heads-up, everyone! I ask that you make sure you have all the information you need, from many legitimate sources, before you vote in this election.

John Hartley


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