Vail Daily letter: Health care for all |

Vail Daily letter: Health care for all

Arn Menconi
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a former Eagle County commissioner and a citizen of the United States, I thank the representatives of Congress who voted on Saturday in favor of the Affordable Health Care for America Act. It showed great courage of those that voted for, given the pressure of lobbyist from the insurance industry and scare tactics of socialism from the right.

A majority of Americans voted last November for change in our health care system and change in government. As a father two young children and an Executive Director of a non-profit (small business), I see how health care cost are out of reach for the poor and middle class.

In order for health care to be affordable, it must be competitive — this plan makes it possible for over 30 million Americans without coverage and brings down costs for the middle class who are struggling to find affordable care.

I have seen how only those that work for government, big business or the wealthy can truly afford health care. We need this secure and stable coverage for all.

I hope the U.S. Senate follows the courage and compassion of the House of Representative to care for American families and our passionate and productive workforce.

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Arn Menconi


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