Vail Daily letter: Health care reform critics go with fiction |

Vail Daily letter: Health care reform critics go with fiction

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

There seems to be three groups of people who have very different opinions regarding health-care legislation.

The first group is of the opinion that even if it’s not perfect that we should do something.

The second group says let’s do it right even if it takes a little longer.

And the third group are the obstructionists who would belittle any plan proposed by Mr. Obama and the Democrats. The folks in this group are speaking and writing pure fiction regarding the proposed health-care plan.

They ignore the fact that we already have successful government-administered health programs for the elderly called Medicare and Medicaid; and that they have been an absolute blessing for the wealthy, the middle class, and the least fortunate citizens. Despite that fact, the obstructionists try to frighten us by telling us that government involvement in health care is socialism.

They invent the nonsense about “death panels” that will determine who will live and who will die.

The truth is that the costs associated with a person’s final year of life are huge, and if we are to reduce the costs of health care, we should carefully examine those costs and eliminate the ones that contribute nothing to prolonging life or providing comfort. And there are some!

They use the terms socialism and unAmerican in reference to the suggestion that the top tax rate may be increased by 4 percent (to 39 percent).

They ignore the fact that when we were paying for two world wars and the Great Depression that the top tax rate ranged from 63 percent to 94 percent.

And guess what — people remained motivated, people remained wealthy, and socialism did not threaten our country.

And finally, they insult the abilities and the hard work of the members of our Congress who were honestly elected by a majority of our citizens.

They belittle anyone who doesn’t share their opinions. And then they would have you believe that they are thoughtful and patriotic citizens.

Without doubt, there are many folks who have reasonable concerns regarding the health-care program and they wish to have those addressed.

Unfortunately, there is also a minority who are still upset by the election of Mr. Obama and they have chosen to oppose any legislation that is offered by him — or any Democrat.

If we are wise, we will not allow these blatantly biased people to undermine the efforts of our elected representatives or the success of our country!

David Le Vine

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