Vail Daily letter: Help arrives just in time |

Vail Daily letter: Help arrives just in time

Barb Gibson-Schmidt
Vail, CO, Colorado

An angel in a blue ski jacket appeared out of nowhere just when I needed help.

On Feb. 28 at about 9 a.m., I was skiing alone on Beaver Creek mountain on the Double Diamond run.

The morning sun was glistening on the mountain, and the run was beautifully groomed. I had to stop to take in the beauty from a new vantage point of the mountain.

I stopped in front a group of trees so I would be out of the way of the other skiers.

Ready to continue down the corduroy, I backed up so I had room to turn away from the trees. Well, I did not back up far enough or turn sharp enough, and I caught the soft snow.

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Down I went into the tree well. The tree well just sucked me in like quick sand. I did not know how I would get out.

I did not even have time to figure out a plan when an angel in a blue ski jacket appeared. He thought I had hit the tree and showed sincere concern about my well being.

When I assured him I was fine, he immediately went into rescue mode. He popped off his skis, jumped into the well, popped off my skis and put them on the run, pushed me by the bottom of my ski boots back on the run, and helped me get my skis back on ready to ski.

He and his friend or client talked to me for a few minutes to make sure I was OK. Then they skied away.

The whole ordeal took about five minutes, and I was able to ski the rest of the day. I did not even get his name.

I really appreciated his concern and his actions on the mountain. He should be commended. He truly was an Angel in a Blue Ski Jacket.

Barb Gibson-Schmidt

Beaver Creek

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