Vail Daily letter: Here are some numbers |

Vail Daily letter: Here are some numbers

Shane Musgrove
Vail, CO Colorado

In response to Ted Springer’s ” Polls shift toward health care reform and Obama,” let’s look at more than one poll, shall we? Aver-age of 10 polls ( CBS, Rasmussen, USA Today, Washington Post, Quin-nipiac, CNN, Democracy Corps, Fox News and PPP) regarding health care reform: those who oppose, 52.1 percent, and those who are for, 40.4 percent.

In regard to Obama’s approval rat-ing, let’s look at an average of polls rather than just CNN. So, an average of Rasmussen, Gallup, CBS, Marist, USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, and Quinnipiac – the results: 47.9 percent approve, 45.9 percent disap-prove. Clearly polarized.

In fact, the most recent polls regarding Obama ( April 2 through 4) by Rasmussen show 51 percent dis-approve while 49 percent approve.

Health care, CBS News ( March 29 through April 1) shows 53 percent disapprove and 32 percent favor. Rasmussen (March 27 and 28) shows 54 percent oppose and 42 percent favor.

Ted, you can’t just look at one CNN poll that shows the data that you “like.” Was that an Internet poll taken on their Web site?

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