Vail Daily letter: Here are Tancredo’s ‘principles’ |

Vail Daily letter: Here are Tancredo’s ‘principles’

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

There was a recent Facebook post by one of Tom Tancredo’s operatives that stated “Tom Tancredo: Principle over Party.”

I do not know where or when the expression was first used but my first exposure to “principle(s) over party” was at the meeting of the Colorado 9.12 Coalition with Dick Wadhams and Tom Tancredo back in December 2009. It was there that I first met Tom Tancredo and agreed with his diatribe on the pits, downfalls and failures of third parties and their candidates (who knew?).

I wrote the Tancredo operative who posted the Facebook piece and said that if Tom Tancredo was going to take a page from the 9.12 folks that he should get it right. It is principles over party, not the singular.

After seeing what has gone on over the past weeks and especially after watching the Aaron Harber interview with Tancredo on Channel 3 on Sunday, Sept. 12, I think they had it right the first time only the spelling was incorrect.

It should have read “Principal over Party.” Isn’t it all about Tom and his inflated ego?

Mr. Tancredo was asked this question by Mr. Harber: “If you knew that Dan Maes would beat John Hickenlooper if you dropped out of the race, would you drop out?”

His answer was an emphatic no! Tancredo then followed up with a telling statement that “win or lose, it won’t affect my life.”

That is the epitome of arrogance and complete disregard for the 200,000 Republican voters of Colorado who voted for Dan Maes to be the GOP candidate in our gubernatorial election.

Just who is Tom Tancredo? He explains away his draft reclassification during the Vietnam era as “there was a question on the form regarding mental illness. I was treated for depression in high school and I indicated such.”

Please correct me if I am wrong, but as I recall, after graduation from college you were automatically reclassified from 1S to 1A. Reclassification was done by request.

How about his explanation regarding the 12 illegals who worked on the remodel of his home? Tancredo said he checked with the owner of the contracting firm and the owner said they were legal.

Wait a minute! You are Tom Tancredo, the champion of legal immigration. There are a dozen people working in your house who do not speak a word of English and you just take the word of their employer? “Holy saved a lot of dough, Batman!”

I received a copy of a letter to Tancredo from an organization that supports border enforcement. The letter was responding to a Tancredo request for financial support. The last paragraph of that letter compared Tancredo to a general who led his troops to the battle and then went home. The last line of the letter was “you will get no money from us.”

Tom Tancredo is on his way to become the pariah of the conservative grassroots movement in Colorado. His disdain for Dan Maes is out of balance with his complaints.

Just a reminder: Dan Maes is the legitimate Republican candidate for governor. Tom Tancredo is just a spoiler with a whole lot of baggage and a lot more ego.

Dr. Michael Schneider

Organizer, Vail Valley 9.12 Project

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