Vail Daily letter: Here’s the connection to Nazis |

Vail Daily letter: Here’s the connection to Nazis

Keith Spero
Vail, CO, Colorado

I know many people who upon first hearing about Arizona’s immigration law thought it brought back memories of Nazi Germany.

And these people were not unthinking morons, jackasses or intellectually indolent, Butch Mazzuca’s opinion to the contrary notwithstanding.

All of them understood that the Nazis maintained concentration camps where they gassed millions and that that wasn’t the case in Arizona. What prompted the comparison was the “show me your papers” provision in the Arizona law that is so capable of abuse and that may permit Arizona to police to target Hispanics (legal or not), so reminiscent of the Gestapo targeting Jews.

And, of course, the opponents of that law all understand that the Arizona police are not the Gestapo — but “badge heavy” cops in the U.S. are not completely unknown. In fact, there are plenty of places in the United States where minorities feel they are treated poorly by the police.

And we should all remember that the Nazi’s did not begin by gassing 6 million Jews in concentration camps. They started by forcing all Jews to wear a yellow star so they could be easily identified, and then they went from there.

Despite his protestation to the contrary, some may feel that Butch Mazzuca’s complaint about the Nazi comparison is not made so much on behalf of Hitler’s victims as on behalf of himself and all others in favor of the Arizona law. Perhaps those who are appalled by the Arizona law consider it un-American and would favor a different approach.

Although I have never been a fan of George W. Bush, I thought his approach to the illegal immigrant crisis the right one. The immigration issue is again being raised in Congress. Let’s see if Butch Mazzuca’s Republicans will give anything a chance of passing.

Keith Spero


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