Vail Daily letter: Hidden, all right |

Vail Daily letter: Hidden, all right

Stephanie Ratkowski
Vail, CO, Colorado

Attention Eagle County mechanized and motorized land users: Your county commissioners and the Hidden Gem people are at it again behind your backs. They were meeting again Tuesday for a work session where public input is not allowed.

Imagine that, they are meeting in the middle of a work day when the hard-working people of the county cannot attend. And even if they could attend, the commissioners don’t want to hear from them. The article in the paper says the commissioners may or may not take questions from the public.

When are the county commissioners going to do what the people have asked? I attended the public meeting on the issue last fall at the county building (where some of the commissioners showed up) in the evening and over 90 percent of the people in attendance were against the land grab.

Then we were told another meeting would be held at a bigger venue (because there was standing room only and the crowd overflowed down the stairs and outside). This never happened.

So county commissioners, I am asking you now when are you going to do a public meeting and stop hiding your agenda and let us know what your letter to the congressmen said. Are you afraid to hear what the people that put you into office have to say?

Are you too busy listening to and agreeing with groups from outside the county that don’t care how this will affect the county economically? They just want to push their agenda and do it quickly because they know after November the makeup of the federal government is going to change and there is no way their leftist agenda is going to pass.

Stephanie Ratkowski


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