Vail Daily letter: Hidden Gems a great idea |

Vail Daily letter: Hidden Gems a great idea

Abby Dixon
Edwards, CO Colorado

Your Oct. 27 article, “Ralston heralds wilderness plan to block ‘extractive development'” is really timely. The Hidden Gems wilderness plan is a great idea that will protect our most threatened pristine wild places in Colorado.

Snowmobiles will not be allowed there because they disturb wildlife during hard winter months and because they drive away other quiet forest users. Our forest use policies should be democratic: People should be able to use the public lands however they want to, so long as their use does not harm other users. We would not let an individual cut down a forest to heat his house, because that would prevent other users from enjoying the land in other ways.

Wilderness designation will allow and enhance all the uses that are democratic and do not disrupt nature: hunting, fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, camping and more. Let’s pass Hidden Gems so we can protect these lands for the future!

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